Sex Tape

Sextape explores the possibilities of a new aesthetics of pornography in a digital era.

In this work, the composition of intricate bodies, shapes, textures, colors and sounds takes over intercourse in itself. Pleasure becomes pure visual and sound.

Sextape gives rise to ambiguity, too explicit to be erotic but not enough to reach pornography.


Food Fetish

XXL Studio backstage, food play and fashion models shooting.
Meat and juice, bones and pasta. All real, all delicious!
Photographer: Sergey Kovbasiuk
Footage: Alex Medvedev
Model: Kate Yusupova
MUA: Masha Siryk
Decor&Design: Alina Akseninko
Music: Wilbert Eckart Volksmusik Stars – House of the Rising Sun

Real FoodPorn