The Art of Marc Blackie

Marc Blackie is a British Photographer turned Filmmaker, renowned for his surrealist compositions and irredeemably awkward interpretation of erotica.

His art has been described by the New York Magazine as “Jarringly combining eroticism with the uncomfortable and sinister” and by Italian magazine Fluffer as „Dark, Iconoclastic and politically uncorrect“.

erotic art by Marc Blackie London

„Brilliant surrealist work which exploits and examines the iconography of eroticism, full of introverted beauty and a vein of very black humour underpinning a variety of sexual hang ups. Exceptional and inspirational.“

The Terminal Position uses the game of tic-tac-toe as an overly elaborate metaphor for the homogenisation of emotional and sexual relationships, it’s title coming from the game’s stalemate condition in which neither participant can be declared the winner.

It is the final part of the loosely connected „Limerance Trilogy“ which won the „Best Bizarre“ award at Mexico’s Mondo Bizarro Film Festival.